Another blog post I found hidden in a word doc from pre-wifi days. Pretty embarrassing, but some truth from my journey in the land of pasta and gelato. Over a year later, it’s still a problem. But you know what…. it was all worth it. 😉

I’m currently writing this with the scent of cookies in the air. Yeah, my roommate is busy baking away, and I’m about to leave the house because if she keeps this up I may eat ALL the cookies. I’m about to leave the house for another reason, I am in desperate need of new pants. Part of the reason why I need new pants is because the first couple months of living here, I couldn’t figure out how to use my washer/dryer combo. I accidentally dried a number of my clothes. The pants and pencil skirts that were already getting a little tight, were now even tighter. Now 8 months into my Italian adventure (and a few more pounds later I’m sure… although I don’t have a scale!), I’m doing lunges in them just to make them somewhat wearable. I know I don’t have a ton to lose, and I know I don’t want to look how I did ten years ago. For the most part, I was always really thin and I am glad I’ve filled out a bit! Some of my clothes are 5 or more years old, so I’m realizing that it’s okay that they don’t fit the same anymore. I have held off on buying new pants because I know that I’ll start working out more consistently and soon they’ll fit again. I haven’t worn many tops that I’ve brought with me, and keep buying long flowy shirts to cover up in. Once this cold goes away, I’m going to get back at it! Coming up in June is a Croatian Islands cruise, which requires a lot of time spent in a bathing suit… And since it’s two months away, I am not expecting miracles, but my goal is to feel somewhat comfortable in my own skin! Now, off to buy those pants.