Well, two days have passed in Roma, and while I have not done as much exploring as I wanted to, I surely have had some adventures (in between all of the sleeping). Yesterday I woke up at 12:45 pm, got dressed, and went grocery shopping with my roommate. While many shops were closed, we found a market that was open. We perused each aisle and I found some essentials: Kleenex, Dove body wash, and other name brand items that will come in handy later. I was nervous about purchasing produce, as I heard that you cannot touch anything unless you buy it. That was not the case in this shop, but I still stuck with the pre packed produce… just in case. I was able to find most items on my list, but am still on the look out for hummus and quinoa! As someone who strives to be gluten free and dairy free (in Italy… yeah right!) I stayed away from all the grains and dairy products. I later found a “senza glutine” area where several gluten free breads, pastas, and desserts were stored. I will for sure be visiting that aisle at some point! My roommate pointed out some coconut milk that she found, but it was 5 euro and about the size of a juice box. Then again, I don’t really need it yet because my apartment does not have a blender and I have not yet found gluten free granola. We are going to explore a larger supermarket and an international foods shop at some point, so I hopefully will find some of of my other “must have” food items!

Also last night, we decided to go out for dinner. Our apartment is on the third floor of our building, and the ground floor is a restaurant called La Montecarlo. We sat outside and ordered salad and pizza. Eventually it started sprinkling, then it rained a bit harder, and the waitress came out laughing, “De l’aqua!” and helped us move inside. Luckily we got inside before it poured. We later had warm, crispy, gooey pizzas put in front of us. We ordered margarita, but thought that we got Neapolitan pizzas instead, which are just made from tomatoes and cheese. Either way, it was pretty delicious! We talked about getting gelato after, but since both of us were so full we decided to save it for another night!

Today after sleeping in (again), I watched the series premiere of Doctor Who (Oh my goodness, Peter Capaldi is AWESOME!). I decided to cook the chicken I bought yesterday for dinner. After I opened it up and tried to cut it, I realized that instead of two chicken breasts, it was in fact a whole chicken. Neither my roommate or I knew how to cook a whole chicken, and since our apartment wasn’t equipped with the materials needed to bake in the oven, we went out in search of boneless chicken breasts. Since it is a Sunday in the middle of August in Rome, we were unable to visit a grocery store. Luckily, my roommate was prepared with another idea, and we had some delicious pasta instead! I’m sure there will be many more food adventures (and misadventures) to come! As for now, it’s time to get some sleep. Tomorrow is the first day of orientation!

My first pizza!